Reinforces hair providing noticeably thicker hair* & improved scalp coverage*

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For more than 30 years, Thymuskin has been successfully used to reinforce hair and to improve scalp coverage.*
The dermatologic system is suitable for women and men and is well tolerated.* The biologically active GKL-02 ingredient complex of peptides and proteins strengthens hair roots and infuses vital nutrients into the hair and hair follicle.

Nadia, Johannesburg

I have used Thysmuskin for 3 months now and I have never experienced new hair growth before as I do now. I have been a sufferer of strong hair loss for a number of years now an since the moment I have started with my Med Shampoo and Serum my hair loss has decreased tremendously. I am not only astonished by the hair that is not falling out anymore, my hair is healthy, strong and looks better that ever. I use to use extensions and its not necessary anymore due to the fact that it is looking thicker. Thymuskin is the best medical hair product that I have come across and I will continue using it for even better results."


In order to correct treat and prevent hair loss, it is essential to understand what the cause of the hair loss and what kind of hair loss it is.


Executive Director, Johannesburg

Although I was very sceptical at first, within a few short weeks people around me started to notice that hair was filling in areas that were previously thinning. My hair has grown in thicker and healthier. It's simple to use; it doesn't take a lot of time and effort, no fuss or hassle, non-oily, even use it after gym, hair looks 100% normal after an application, This was important. The results are incredible; I am converted and I'm now recommending it to business partners, friends and family."

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